poems that GO SPRING ISSUE 2002


This collection of featured links to Web poetry projects is updated every issue. To see the list of past featured projects, see the links section of this site.

Fall 2002 - Winter 2003

M A E D A S T U D I O: Excerpts of John Maeda's reactive graphics work from a 2001 Tokyo exhibition are available as a download (Mac only). For the disappointed PC crowd, you can try the calendar and greeting card Java applets Maeda was commissioned to create for Shiseido.

Luxe Pattern by Geoff Lillemon of Oculart is a colorful, nervous, reactive work that blends image, text and motion in Lillemon's distinctive visual style.

Spirale, a reactive visual Web art piece by Nicolas Clauss appears in the Zed Interactive Showcase. Requires Shockwave. See more of Clauss' reactive work at his site, Flying Puppet.

A collection of reactive DHTML works from 1997-2000 by Reiner Strasser is currently being exhibited in Attic, the spaceless gallery, which ressurects and preserves web art from older computers. The Attic is a new edition to the Museum of the essential and beyond that, a fantastic site for international Web art and visual poetry.

Two short pieces by Tom Scarpino, Hypertext and Poetry are clever word experiments. Requires the Shockwave player.

Lewis LaCook's Flash Poetry Generator 3.0. You enter the verbs and nouns, choose your visual background, and a poem is generated.




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