poems that GO SUMMER  ISSUE 2002


4 poems performed by jörg piringer, 2 minutes, 51 seconds. Requires Real Player. See his site for more of his work with visual, interactive, and sound poetry.

n3xt by Shirin Kouladjie is an ongoing project that consists of a series of video loops, with the emphasis on plain space around objects, exaggerated movements and sound.

In the Woods by Thomas Swiss and Seth Thompson, 1 minute 25 seconds. Requires Real Player.

Passage, a video poem by Quraysh Ali Lansana and directed by Kurt Heintz of e-poets.net, relates the rites of passage from one generation to the next among men of color. (1995, Chicago, 4 minutes. Requires Real Player). See the e-poets videotheque for more video poems and The Book of Voices, for a new media library of poetry in spoken word, performance, and text.

Vietnam: In Memorium by Donny Truong is a cinematic narrative.

BCC (Blank Carbon Copy) by Motomichi Nakamura explores the world of bulletin boards, online communities, search engines and e-mail communications by incorporating content from real searches, messages and comments written by online users in this hybrid work of time-based and interactive media.




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